The Manifesto!

Dust Jacket Layout

It is done!

The Shababa Manifesto (A Handbook for ‘Skill-Challenged’ Golfers) has recently been published. It is available in hardcover and as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle store. At this time – before I get my new author site launched – you can purchase the hardcover edition ($17) by sending me an order  via e-mail at I will ship the book immediately, with invoice. The e-book is available in the Kindle Store for $3.99. Why not buy both? Particularly with the holidays just around the corner. For the “challenged” golfer – and I know you know plenty of them! – The Manifesto is the perfect gift!

Hope you enjoy. Please let me know.

Hubba and The Mechanic

Incredibly, the sometimes (but not often) not-so-fine line between a Shababa and one of the best players in the world was vividly demonstrated this past weekend by the Most Interesting Man in Golf, Miguel Angel Jimenez, and the Most Interesting Shababa at Fiddler’s Creek, your intrepid blogger, Hubba. Here’s how.

Last Friday, I was playing with three other Babas at the lovely Creek Course at Fiddler’s Creek in Naples, from the not-so-intimidating Creek tees. The fourth at Fiddler’s: that day, a 165-yard shot over water, very little wind. I placed my ball on a club-made tee (those who play with me know of what I speak), told my fellow Babas why I teed it that way, and then proceeded to absolutely baff a four-iron about 15 yards ahead and to the left of me that barely reached the next tee, and never left the ground. Simply stated, the shot was a physical marvel, and one that even I was unaware lurked in my bag of tricks. (Of course, I should know better. Any shot lurks in any Baba’s bag.) I then proceeded to dump my next shot into the water, took a drop in the drop area, chipped on, and two-putted for a “smooth” (all my high scores are always “smooth”) triple-bogey six. Pretty pathetic, eh? …

But not as pathetic as The Mechanic this past Sunday at the BMW Masters in Shanghai. On the ninth tee at Shanghai, Miguel dumped his first shot in the water. And his second. And his third. And his fourth, en route to a sterling 13 on the hole. Can you say “Tin Cup” in Spanish?

So, even though I banged my first “drive” 15 yards, and dumped one in the drink, I still beat The Mechanic by seven strokes on one-hole. Alas, Miguel’s 88 bested my 89 by one. The point is this: on any hole, at any time, even the best players in the world can play like a Shababa. Indeed, they can play even worse than a Shababa. Miguel, take two weeks off, and then quit the game for good!

Yours truly at his favorite spot on any golf course. Chapter 11 in The Manifesto.

Yours truly at his favorite spot on any golf course. Chapter 11 in The Manifesto.

Checkin’ In

Been away from the blog for a while. COULD say “I’ve been busy,” but anyone who knows me knows that would be a crock. Lazy might be a better excuse.

At any rate, handicap is back at 11. something, where it belongs. Been playing a lot of Baba golf in Wisconsin (The Shababa Invitational) and at Fiddler’s Creek in Naples FL. Shooting between 80 and 90 is now a dead solid lock, whether it be at Carnoustie, or the gnarliest dog track on the face of the earth. At ANY venue, the Little Fat Man will probably post in the high 80s. It is, after all, who I am.

Stay tuned.

All the best, H

Horschel Update

Delighted to see that Billy must have read the blog and fully righted the ship to win the Fed Ex Cup, and a cool $10M … as predicted (sort of) by your trusty Shablogger.

(Does this mean that a Shababa might one day win the Fed Ex Cup?)

Way to go, Billy, we’re proud of you!

All the best, Hubba



Let’s get a few things straight:

1.) Billy Horschel is one of the best golfers in the world;
2.) Billy Horschel is NOT a Shababa; and
3.) I would be thrilled if Billy Horschel were to win the FedEx Cup.

That being said, I bring up Mr. Horschel because as every interested golfer now knows, Billy Horschel hit one shot in last week’s Deutsche Bank Championship that probably cost him the tournament.

In fact, he hit the shot like a Shababa!

Situation: 72nd hole, the par five at TPC Norton. Horschel trails leader Chris Kirk by one stroke. A birdie at the last – and Horschel had birdied the eighteenth three days in a row – would get him into a playoff with Kirk.

Horschel absolutely smoked his drive right down the pipe, and was left with a “mere” 198 yards to the green, situated on the far side of a bushy gorge. No problem.

Horschel pulled out his six iron … and proceeded to CHUNK it into the gorge, not even coming close to reaching the green.

A six iron in hand, 198 yards to the target, the most important shot of the tournament … and Horschel CHUNKS it into the gorge. “The worst swing I made all week.”

Sound familiar?

Of course it does; it’s what WE do!

But guess what? From time to time, so do THEY!

From Chapter Eighteen of The Manifesto: “If there’s but one tiny sliver of common ground on which we Shababas just might stand with Tiger, Rory, and Phil, it’s the fact that no matter how much we hope – or how much they practice – before we swing the club we really have no surefire, 100 percent, rock-solid idea where that little white ball is going to go.”

Just ask Billy Horschel.

(Good news: Billy H. bounced back to post a two-under par 68 in the first round of The BMW Championship.)

Back to Babadom!

Well, that single digit stuff didn’t last for long. Two weeks to be exact. I’m back to double digits, and once again, OFFICIALLY a Shababa.

It just took two rounds.

First, a “smooth” 91 at Portsmouth Country Club in a classic Baba match. Summary? A Baba who shanked no less than six shots in his first fifteen holes rose up from the ashes to par and bogey Nos. 16 and 17 to tie the match. On 18, he was on in (net) regulation in two, 18 feet from the pin. It looked like all he needed was a two-jack to win the side and the match.

Aha! My Baba, with a stroke, sunk a 25-footer, which mean the other Baba would have to two-jack to tie. From 18 feet? Not too difficult.

Aha! The classic Baba proceeded to bang his first putt 10 feet past the hole, and then leave his comeback putt a foot short of the hole. Bottom line: Babas prevail; win $4.

Second, a rather pedestrian 96 at The Country Club in Brookline. Pleading presence on the PUP list: physically unable to perform. Pinched nerve; dead arm; Baba = 96. Of note, our “stud” FOUR-JACKED our second hole to immediately take us out of contention for any prize consideration.

And he’s not even a Baba!

Looking forward to my next round with son-in-law Nick this Friday. And of course, prepping for the Second Annual Shababa Invitational in Spooner, Wisconsin later this month.


The Cookie’s Crumbling!

Hello, my name is Don, and I am a Shababa. (Editor’s Note: “Hi, Don!”)

I would love to say that I am a recovering Shababa, but all signs of recovery seem to be fading. I fear that, as the Manifesto explains, “Once a Shababa, always a Shababa.”

I must say that this is the best Manifesto since Teddy K explained his animosity toward UNiversities and Airlines (UNA collectively).


Was playing with Dr. Bob yesterday, tooling along pretty well in my first round as a “single-digit handicap” – 9.8 – very cognizant of the fact that, as stated in The Manifesto, “In essence, a 9-handicapper is nothing more than a Shababa waiting to happen.” Sure enough, after four consecutive poor shots on a par three, followed by three consecutive baffs on the ensuing par five, Dr. Bob simply picked up my ball, and like the sensitive physician he is, diagnosed my ill fortunes as “playing with a severe psychosis.” He told me to take the rest of the hole off.

“Psychosis”? I guess that’s just fancy medical lingo for “Shababa.”