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Inside the Book

The Manifesto, like the golf course, is divided into eighteen holes, or chapters, plus the infamous Nineteenth Hole/Chapter. Each chapter, including Fore Play, addresses a fundamental component of Shababa Golf, and includes a personal application of the concept in play, titled Hubba Baba Babble. Each chapter is also introduced with an “instructive” illustration that puts the concept into black-and-white perspective.

A quick glance at the Table of Contents will give readers a birdie’s-eye view of what The Manifesto is all about. Some examples?

Hole No. 1: You stink. So just get over it.

Hole No. 2: Practice!?!?! Why practice?

Hole No. 3: The secret is in … the dots!

Hole No. 6: Don’t think, just swing.

Hole No. 9: Never, never, never give up.

Hole No. 11: Never over- or underestimate the influence of alcohol.

Hole No. 14: Stay away from the water.

Hole No. 15: Putting? Who knows?

Hole No. 17: Play fast.

Get the picture? Good! Now buy the book and read the book. Be the best Shababa you can be … and even win a little money along the way.