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Invitational 2018

Nick and I just competed in the 2018 Fiddler’s Creek Invitational MG. We finished second in our flight, one-half point out of first. Tied three matches, won two. We halved with the flight winners, who also were the overall champions in the shootout.

Three takeaways:

1.) As ALWAYS, putting is EVERYTHING. Our opponents made a half dozen 8- to 16-foot putts they had to make to win or halve a hole. We made two, at most. As always, particularly in these nine-hole matches, you make putts, you win. You don’t make putts, you don’t win.

2.) The experience of playing in these tournaments is ALWAYS invaluable, absent any lingering battle scars. The more you play in these events, the more you challenge yourself, the more comfortable you become in all situations. Conversely, inexperience usually bites you in the butt at some point along the way.

3.) We all know that we tend to carry the bad shots with us. I now like to focus on the good shots I make, and carry that positive attitude/memory/thought to the next hole and the next competitive match.



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