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No Idea How or Why!


So last Friday, I went out for a round at Fiddler’s with good friends Ed “The Shermanator” Sherman, “Coach” Bob Theriault and conservative icon Jaybo Enghauser. At Jaybo’s request, we played the Middle Tees, which measure 5951 yards, 338 yards shorter than the Creek tees I usually play.

Five birdies, one double bogey and two bogies later, Coach asked me, “Hey Hubb, have you ever shot under par?” Of course, I answered in the negative.

“Well, you just did!”

That’s right, the 12-handicap Little Fat Man shot a one-under par 71.

Now, take a look at the title of this post.

All I can surmise is, like the bumper sticker you often see on crappy cars, “S––––– happens!”

It sure did last Friday.

P.S. The next day, back to Babadom: 89!


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