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Back from The Olde Sod!

Recently returned from my sixth golfing tour of Ireland. Once again, concentrated on the Southwest.

Played Doonbeg for the first time. Played well, shot 88, no lost balls. Layout was terrific; greens were incredibly slow. Reason: eleven were recently rebuilt due to erosion. Needless to say, accommodations at The Trump were impeccable. No sighting of The Donald.

Next day, Tralee, in as bad weather as I’ve ever encountered in Ireland. Carved a smooth 100, and once again, failed to carry the 125 yard gorge in Brock’s Hollow, Hole No. 13. However, did manage to bogey No. 12, “in regulation,” and am proud of that. Lost one ball, on No. 17, another of my Tralee bugaboos.

Saturday, Old Head, second time. Course was in impeccable condition. Surely the most spectacular venue on which I’ve ever played. Not overwhelmed by the course … if that makes sense. Also, it’s just too damned hard for me. I felt like it was hard to breathe on Old Head. I MUST keep the ball in play to have any chance on a course like that, and it was HARD. Managed to do so, and carved a solid 89. However, once a year on that track would be enough for me.

Sunday, Killarney, Mahony’s Point, in the rain. A nice break from the punishing links. Would have loved a sunny day to appreciate the scenery. Pedestrian 93.

Finally, the climax at Waterville, MY FAVORITE GOLF COURSE ON EARTH! Saw my good friend Noel Cronin, and met Jay Connelly, who supposedly runs the joint. Weather threatened at first, but we got away with a pretty good day. Highlight? Unquestionably, parring, consecutively, Tranquility (No. 11, MY FAVORITE GOLF HOLE ON EARTH) and the Mass Hole, No. 12, with a 7-iron to the green. We all limped in, drained by the week of golf and booze.

As always, in Ireland, a brilliant time was had by all. Congrats to the five-day quota champs, Killer and Dude-Diego!

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    I can help you with Brock’s Hollow (You sure it doesn’t have a middle name similar to an ex-Yankee Shortstop?)

    Then again, heed your own words from the Manifest: “Never seek advice or instruction from another…Baba!”

    – Baba Boom

  2. admin admin

    Your “Bird at Brock’s” was a once-in-a-century aberration!

    Luv, Els

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