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New Irons!!!

Just picked up my new Ping G30 irons yesterday. I’m sure they’ll make a HUGE difference in my flawless Shababa game. … Right!

Reason for new irons:

1.) I stink with the old ones;

2.) The old irons are nine years old, and I might benefit from technology in distance and the ability to actually “launch” the ball more than three feet off the ground; and

3.) I just felt the need to “update” my arsenal one more time before, well, you know …

Will keep you updated on my progress.


Luv, H

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  1. Boomer Boomer

    Per tradition, I look forward to my new hand me down irons from you, Hub. Your “old” ones that will update me to 2006 technology and your new ones, too, when of course..well…when…your contract is up, you’re out of dots and there no hope to revise.

    Question…does the new set come with a Yogi?

    • Hubba Hubba

      Yogi is provided. They are in the garage or the basement. The Reeds are staying in the casa now. Let me know when you want to go over. Luv, Els

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