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What’s goin’ on here?

I haven’t broken 80 in years.

However, for some strange reason, which I cannot fathom, I shot 77 and 78 in the last seven days. Go figure.

All I can surmise is the fact that I shot both scores at the same course – The Classics at Lely – and that for some reason, the course fits my eye. I should also say that The Classics is the type of course where I can actually breathe on most shots, without worrying what hazard or hidden danger might consume an errant ball.

It sure was fun, but don’t worry, I have no doubt who I am.

I AM a Shababa!

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  1. Boomer Boomer

    I need to play this course and I need to play at this course SOON.

    I’ve never broken 90.

    I am a Shababa. Yet I live on the edge of “Quit the game for good”.

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