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Back at The Ab!

Posted a “smooth” 86 and 87 at Abenaqui C.C. in two weekend rounds. Back to normal; back to Babadom.

By the way, one member of our foursome dropped out after 12 holes, one other – an alleged 20 handicap! – posted a very “smooth” 83, “my best round ever.”

Go figure!

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  1. hawkeye hawkeye

    I feel soooooo left out. A SHABABA I will not be for some time to come. Sorry won’t be able to attend annual meeting of the Shababa’s! Senator hawkeye!!!!

  2. HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

    You never know, Senator, you never know. Like any insidious disease, it sometimes just creeps up on you – and you’re the LAST to know!

    Luv, E. Els

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