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Nicky’s Dilemma

A  common crossroads to be broached by all Shababas, taken from a recent e-mail from my son-in-law, who has an 8 handicap and is a GOOD golfer:

“And right now, I am a Baba.  Plain and simple.  My handicap will not indicate as much at least for a few more rounds, so I hope to be able to continue to say that I’m not technically a Baba, but I can only rely on one or two low rounds here and there for so long.

“In sum, I’m at a fork in the road when it comes to my golfing life.  I can either go left into Babadom, or right into Stickdom.  I’m going to steer the wheel right, and hopefully my brain and body go with me.”

Nick, heed the best golf advice I’ve ever read, from the great Harry Vardon: “No matter what happens, keep on hitting the ball.” After all, what else CAN you do?

All the best, Hubba

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  1. Nick Nick

    I’ve heeded your advice, Hub, and have played twice in the last week. Neither round was very successful, but I do intend to “keep hitting the ball.”

  2. HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

    It’s all you can do, my son (in-law); it’s all you can do.
    Luv, H
    Get Stevens on the blog!

  3. Boomer Boomer

    Nicky ‘s other dilemma might be having to choose between steering right towards being a Gobshiite or steering left towards that of an Eeejit? “Keep hitting the ball” straight…and you’ll be safe. I guess, easier said than done for us Babas.

    Where can I post that the 17th at the Country Club belongs to Ouimet, Leonard, and…you guessed it…a Shababa?!!!

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