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York Golf & Tennis

Posted a 79  yesterday at a one-day at York G&T in Maine. My host, Scratchie, actually thought I did NOT play like a Shababa! Not to worry! I am still a Baba, and always will be. It’s just like the bumper sticker; sometimes, “stuff” happens. I’m sure I’ll be back to Baba business next time out.

All the best, Hubba

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  1. Scratchie Scratchie

    You were certainly a babba at York, as was I, and my index is 3.7; as I have tried to explain to you many times, anyone below a pro tour is a babba; it is only a degree of being pathetic that differentiates us; we all suffer the same failures, enjoy the occasional and short lived rays of sunshine, and come back tomorrow to try it all over again. That is the essence of babba ism and also the essence of this wonderful game called golf.- best – Scratchman

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