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Welcome Shababas!

Hello there my fellow skill-challenged Shababas!

My name is Hubba Costello, and I’m putting the finishing touches on my book, The Shababa Manifesto, in hopes of seeing it published this fall.

So, before we go any further, I thought I’d enlighten you on what a Shababa is, and why you just might be one of us.

From the manuscript:

“In essence, Shababas are nothing more, and nothing less, than roving nomads of golf; pathetic, quite hopeless thrashers of the ball who insist on playing the game in spite of their enduring and never-ending mediocrity. Indeed, if there is a sine qua non element of the Shababa, it is that he stinks at golf, pure and simple. He has always stunk at golf, he stinks at golf now, and he will undoubtedly stink at golf for the rest of his life. In fact, the older he gets, the more he will stink at golf. Indeed, as one Shababa insightfully remarked, ‘I just want to stink less!’”


“On a more technical note, all Shababas share some indelible birthmarks on the course that no amount of practice or luck can eradicate.

Some signposts?

All Shababas are double-digit handicaps. Just as there is no true single-digit capper who is a Baba, so is there no 10- or 11- or 22-handicapper who is not a Baba.”

Well, you certainly know better than I exactly who and what you are on the golf course, so if you are indeed a Shababa, this book, and this blog is for you.

I hope to accomplish two things here. First, to make my own contributions to the ongoing struggle that is being a Shababa. To do so, when I play, or watch golf, I will weigh in whenever I see a person, shot or situation that exemplifies Babadom.

Second, I ask you to do the same. If you see a Shababa moment – and if you play, you will – share it with all of us on this blog. 

I hope our common experiences will entertain us, enlighten us, and perhaps even help us to “stink less.”


Look forward to hearing from you!

All the best, Hubba

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  1. Annie Monsell Annie Monsell

    Well, for a very long time I have wondered just exactly what I was on a golf course, and now I know. A Shababa for sure. I certainly have had many Babadom’s in my life time. To many to list. Such as not holding my grip tight enough and the club went further than the ball or running over my own foot with a golf cart. Don’t ask me how that happened. This will make the NewYork Times Best Sellers list for 2014 and you will AGAIN become a multi millionaire. Lol. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing and I surely want a Autographed Copy.

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      My first responding Shababa! I’m in heaven! Needless to say, you WILL receive an autographed copy, gratis! Tnx for tuning in.
      All the best, Hubba

  2. Bob Cairns Bob Cairns

    Nice to talk with you at the taste. I am sure there is a club up a tree somewhere in my past. We will see you at the club, Bob

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      Tnx Robert! One thing good about clubs in trees – gravity always wins. See you soon! H

  3. Kenty Kenty

    How many times a year can you inadvertently cause the ball to move whilst taking a practice swing and not be considered a Shababa? Should I just stop taking practice swings? Your guidance would be appreciated.

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      Kenty! Nice to hear from you. Will be updating posts with some new Shababa tidbits. Will forward an illustration to you under separate cover. Hope to see you at The Open. Luv, H

  4. Lexi Lexi

    Can “shababadom” carry over into other facets of life? For example, can one be a shababa driver if he drives 45 mph in the fast lane and fails to use his signals? Or can one be a shababa chef if he overcooks the Christmas Eve steaks? Please clarify.

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      Shababas, alas, appear in all walks of life, and of course, bungle their way along. And you know this better than anyone.
      I do hope that the phrase, “What a Baba!”, extends outside the ropes of the golf course, because there sure are a lot of Babas out there. I trust you to carry the torch.
      Luv, H

  5. BlondeJovi BlondeJovi

    Its another fine day here in Northern WI, I knew I was destined and trending to Babadom with I prioritized yard work ahead of golf today. And as another asked earlier, can Shababaism relate to more than just golf, without a doubt it can, and I was evidence of that today with my yard chores. Enough on that, as some of you are aware, we will be hosting the Second Annual Shababa Golf Open in September at The Spooner Golf Club. From it’s modest beginning last year to nearly a 200% increase in Baba’s this year, it’s set to be once again a fun weekend of Baba Golf, the only question is will Northern WI be ready for this cast of characters from all over the country.

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      God love you, Tommy Sue! Can’t wait to see you at S.I. II. Is Ronnie ready?
      Luv, H

  6. Boomer Boomer

    I once saw a Shababa being forced to drop trou in the parking lot of the Brookline Country Club so as to tuck in his shirt. Had he had it tucked in to begin with…he may have looked like a golfer. It was a dead ‘Baba giveaway. For gambling purposes, what signs prior to a round should I look for to know that I am about to play against a ‘Baba? Thanks in advance.

    (Good luck with the book, Hub. I presume the foreword will be written by Dr. Leaky. Or de hie get the dedication?)

  7. Robert A. Dempsey Robert A. Dempsey

    I am also a Sha na na…. Skillfully working my way up to Shabadom… with a world class Zoro swing, who also has that nack of happily knocking in a difficult 4th putt… I await your literary muse. Bobby ( Baba ) Dempsey

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      You may be the only golfer on the planet more full of it than I! And you certainly are the least mature Shababa I have ever encountered.
      Alas, perhaps that is why I love you so!
      Luv, E. Els

  8. Mad Dog Mad Dog

    Hubba baby. Does this make me a shababa? During an event at my club I got my Pro V1 stuck in a tree. Duing my next round it was still in the tree so I showed all my pals. After lots of laughs I decided I wanted the ball back. What else is there to do but throw a club up into the tree to retrieve the ball. WRONG!!! I got my f—ing club stuck up in the tree. However the ball did release itself from the branches. Thank God for caddies. My caddy who must be experienced at this task got my club out of the tree without breaking his neck. Think I should be playing Top Flite’s?

    • HubbaWordPress HubbaWordPress

      Mad Dog!
      Can’t wait to re-up with you at The Creek. You are a very interesting Baba, indeed. Capable of putting up a 75 as well as a 95!
      All I know is that JC can NOT stay with two old Babas like The Mad Dog and Hub!
      See you soon.
      Luv, Hubba

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